September 24, 2010

Nashville readies next generation of stars

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It’s never been easy breaking into the record business, but when you live in a cultural hotspot like Nashville, Tennessee, it sure helps. Two years ago, aspiring Tennessee songwriters were gifted with another advantage: the “Partners in Craft” program at Middle Tennessee State University. This program partners MTSU commercial songwriting majors with mentors in the publishing and recording industry. These mentors include members from Sony, EMI, Carnival Music, Universal Music Publishing, Warner-Chappell, and more, some of whom are MTSU alumni. PIC is itself a partnership between MTSU’s Recording Industry department and the Nashville ASCAP office. (more…)


August 5, 2010

New music technology for would-be DJs

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The story of seems like every start-up’s fairy-tale dream: a bunch of music fans start up a personalized radio and social media network in a small East London office. It catches on worldwide. Then, the site is bought out by CBS. When dropped its coveted on-demand music streaming service in April 2010, though, spectators worried that CBS was running the service into the ground. Now, a new partnership with music technology developer MXP4 has them back in the newsand could be changing the way the online radio industry works.MXP4 produces audio-mixing software which lets people manipulate their favorite songs by adding instruments, stripping away backing music, or blending songs together. The technology is now available on the websites of licensed artists and on MXP4′s website. (more…)


July 14, 2010

Veteran broadcaster Tom Leykis launches new online initiative

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For radio music fans who feel the waters have grown stale in recent years, there is now light on the horizon. You won’t hear it on the FM dial, though: “New Normal Music” is currently an online-only initiative, though it was started by radio veteran Tom Leykis. Leykis promises to bring a wealth of experience to the venture, and says the show will highlight artists not normally played on Modern Rock stations, starting with a continuous stream of 50,000 songs less than a year old.Leykis has been involved with radio since he was 14 years old, when he served as a fill-in host for Long Island station WBAB. He contributed to talk radio shows in the late 1970s and became the host of the long-running and often controversial talk show The Tom Leykis Show in 1994. The show ended in 2009, and Leykis began a weekly program called The Tasting Room focusing on the high-class lifestyle. (more…)


Spotify offers exposure for unsigned artists

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Artists who have been distributing their music through TuneCore now have the opportunity to reach a larger audience, thanks to a deal with European digital music site Spotify. The process involves a one-time yearly fee for each track which allows it to be streamed by listeners.TuneCore has already achieved some success, announcing that artists featured on the site were paid for over 65 million songs and albums in 2009. This represents an impressive achievement for a site founded in 2005. TuneCore also differentiates itself from other digital music retailers by keeping none of the sales or rights for the music. Artists like Frank Black of the Pixies and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails have also involved themselves with the site, either by purchasing or releasing music. (more…)


Capricorn Recording Studio in danger

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The studio which launched Duane Allman to stardom may not last much longer. Capricorn Recording Studio, located in Macon, has been placed on the Georgia Trust’s 2010 “Places in Peril” list. Some of the issues noted include extensive weather damage, vandalism and burglary, and the dilapidated state of the surrounding buildings. This may not mean much to fans of artists like the Marshall Tucker Band, the Charlie Daniels Band, and Dixie Dregs, which were all launched from the studio.Capricorn was founded in 1969 when founders Phil Walden and Frank Fenter started the Capricorn Record Series, which became noteworthy after releasing the Allman Brothers Band‘s debut album later that year. Two years later, the studio released what many still consider its most acclaimed album, the Allman Brothers’ double LP At Fillmore East. In 1979 the studio went under for the first time, but was relocated to Nashville in 1991. There, it became a part of the Warner Records label and held its own in a changing industry, recording artists like Widespread Panic, Cake, and 311. (more…)