November 14, 2011

Taking a closer look at digital camera options

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Many camera manufacturers would like you to believe that the greater the megapixel number the better the camera. While this statement is true in one sense, it should not be the only criteria for selecting a digital camera. Here are a few key tips to understanding and comparing digital camera options.

First, the quality of the glass between the scene and the camera-s sensor is the most important factor when selecting a digital camera. Always choose the highest quality lens you can afford. Digital SLR’s are a high-end option, but compact cameras have this option as well. Look close at the camera-s lens and if it has a name different from the camera’s manufacturer then it is probably a very high quality lens.

Next, consider the options you are going to use. If you plan to share your photos on the internet or make small prints then you do not need a 20MP camera. Look for options like 10x optical zoom as this is better than digital zoom. See what preset scene options and function controls are available, and do they match the situations you like to take pictures of. Decide how well the camera matches your needs before buying.


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